Karol is a fine wood worker in Brooklyn, NY.

AP- If you just built a new house and it didn’t have anything, what would be the first piece of furniture you would build for yourself?

Karol – A bed, a very nice looking bed.  Or maybe a dresser?  I don’t know, what do you think?  No, not a dresser, a dining table, yes a dining table.  Geez, I don’t know! There are so many things I would build.  I would build everything!  But to play along, I would build a dining table – a 10 ft dining table to seat 12 people for dinner.

AP- What is your favorite part of the woodworking process?

Karol – Difficult question…I think pretty much everything about woodwork – you are always learning and process for building one piece is completely different than the last, you know?  Like once you make a chair, everything about that chair is new.

AP- What is your least favorite part of the woodworking process?

Karol - Well, if you are making 12 of those chairs it starts to get redundant - the process - the screwing, the gluing, sanding or whatever, after a couple pieces you’ve had enough of it.

I always love the first couple pieces – it’s after that when it starts to get on my nerves. I enjoy getting to the end and sanding, you know? Sanding is when you know your there.

AP – So, you enjoy the detail work?

Karol – Yes, the details - that’s when you get happy because you know that the piece is almost done.

AP – Ok, what’s your favorite wood species to work with?

Karol – That depends, hmm favorite, in what meaning?  Walnut is really easy to work with.  Oak is really easy, really forgivable.  But, I’d say my favorite wood is oak.

AP – Like white oak? Or red oak?

Karol – Red oak, definitely red oak. If you want I’ll tell you why…

AP- Why?

Karol – Every single wood has a specific smell, you know that, yeah? White oak doesn’t smell very nice.  Walnut has a sweet smell.  Cherry smells very nice too.  But I think the best smell, like sauerkraut, is the smell when cutting red oak.