Tambour Vanity

Each Vanity is entirely hand made in the Brooklyn, New York. Each tambour wood slat rests atop a bronze rail, which allows the beauty and elegance of the sliding door to be seen from all angles as it glides over the bronze base. Hardwood casework and drawers offer ample storage and durability. Custom configurations, woods and finished are available.

Production & Design

The classic Danish tambour sliding door is completely reenvisioned with the Tambour Vanity. This one of a kind design will be the centerpiece of any space. The highest quality materials and finishes are used in the making of the Vanity and no detail is overlooked.

The Vanity offers two cylinder shaped storage spaces where 8 moving drawers offer ample storage. A custom Electric Mirror offers wireless touch screen backlit lighting integrated into the mirror. A smaller magnified mirror moves seamlessly accross the top of the Vantity via a solid bronze arm.

Materials: Walnut, bronze, leather, Mirror

Size: Available in custom sizes

Made in: Brooklyn, NY

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