Step Stool

Step Stool

Inspired by a folding ladder that you would find in a 1950's kitchen, this Solid Oak Step Stool can be used for safely stepping to get high out of reach items on your shelf or as a bedside table for stacking and storage.  Handmade in Brooklyn, NY. 

Production & Design

Created to serve the functionality of the kitchen step ladder, this contemporary take on the classic was designed to be sturdier, stronger, and highlight the natural beauty of the hardwoods.  Each stool is made of a solid wood and was constructed using traditional wood joinery (no screws). Using the standard architectural code for the risers and run of the stairs, the distance from one step to the next is the standard 7", which makes it safe and functional for everyday use.  The steps are secured to the legs via a router using a compound miter dado joint, making it stronger than construction with a screw.  Additionally, the contrasting wood inlay is not only a beautiful detail but adds strength to the construction.  Each stool is completely handmade, no machining.  

Materials: Oak

Size: 26" x 18" x 20"

Made in: Brooklyn, NY

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