Balcones Chair

Balcones Chair

Made of solid hardwood, the Balcones Chair uses no more material than needed. Sleek, sturdy and comfortable the chair is the result of months of refinement and is ideal as a single desk chair or around any dining table. 

Production & Design

Despite its light appearance the Balcones Chair is extremely sturdy.  The back of the chair joins with the seat creating a triangular geometry at the point where the chair needs the most strength and allows the legs to be free of any cross braces. The front legs of the chair are joined using a half lap full mortise joint, this joint is extremely strong while also being a beautiful expression of classic wood joinery. The chair is entirely handmade in solid hardwood and available in a variety of finishes.

Materials: OakWalnutCherry                                                                                        

Size: 34” x 18” x 20”  

Made In: Brooklyn, NY