Refract House

Location: Modular, Assembled in Washington, DC
Year: 2007-2009
Size: 800 Square feet. 1 Bedroom 1 bathroom
Construction Budget: $500,000.00
Project designer: Aaron Poritz
Project team: California College of the Arts
Engineering: Santa Clara University 

The Refract House is an 800 square foot modular home that was approached with the key question being how to find the balance between performance, aesthetics, and modular construction. Refract House integrates optimal solar systems with optimal living conditions. A house designed to be self-sufficient does not have to trade its livability for sustainability. 

Refract House integrates current environmental and sustainable technologies, while providing optimal living amenities. Combining a modular, prefabricated, and potentially aggregated living unit, Refract House achieves a high level of architectural and technological integration in a high performance dwelling.