Diamond House

Location: Wardensville, West Virginia
Year: 2014-2015
Size: 1,400 Square feet. Three Bedroom 1.5 Bath
Construction Budget: $154,000.00
Project Architects: Aaron Poritz, Nika Taubinsky

The diamond house is a humble yet playful weekend home situated on a sloping site with grand views of pine forests and Warden lake due west. The house plan is simple using a 30x30 square as its footprint. The upper floor plan is open and features large picture windows and tall ceilings.  The materials are modest but lend themselves to longevity. The outer walls are made of masonry brick that will be painted white. The brick wraps around each window giving the house a grounded hefty feel. The brick is low maintenance and the white paint takes the force of the seasons, taking on the patina of sap and pollen throughout time. The interior of the house uses local pine for the floors and solid Oak and Walnut for the counter tops and cabinetry. The Diamond house is currently under construction.