Diamond House

Location: Wardensville, West Virginia
Year: 2014-2015
Size: 1,400 Square feet. Three Bedroom 1.5 Bath
Construction Budget: $154,000.00
Project Architects: Aaron Poritz, Nika Taubinsky

The diamond house is a humble yet playful weekend home situated on a sloping site with grand views of pine forests and Warden lake due west. The house plan is simple using a 30x30 square as its footprint. The upper floor plan is open and features large picture windows and tall ceilings.  The materials are modest but lend themselves to longevity. The outer walls are made of masonry brick that will be painted white. The brick wraps around each window giving the house a grounded hefty feel. The brick is low maintenance and the white paint takes the force of the seasons, taking on the patina of sap and pollen throughout time. The interior of the house uses local pine for the floors and solid Oak and Walnut for the counter tops and cabinetry. The Diamond house is currently under construction. 

Refract House

Location: Modular, Assembled in Washington, DC
Year: 2007-2009
Size: 800 Square feet. 1 Bedroom 1 bathroom
Construction Budget: $500,000.00
Project designer: Aaron Poritz
Project team: California College of the Arts
Engineering: Santa Clara University 

The Refract House is an 800 square foot modular home that was approached with the key question being how to find the balance between performance, aesthetics, and modular construction. Refract House integrates optimal solar systems with optimal living conditions. A house designed to be self-sufficient does not have to trade its livability for sustainability. 

Refract House integrates current environmental and sustainable technologies, while providing optimal living amenities. Combining a modular, prefabricated, and potentially aggregated living unit, Refract House achieves a high level of architectural and technological integration in a high performance dwelling.

The Red Hen

Location: Washington, DC
Year: 2013
Size: 2,100 Square feet
Architect: Streetsense

The Red Hen DC is located in the up and coming neighborhood of Bloomingdale, Washington DC. Poritz & Studio produced the custom floors, ceiling, tables, chairs, bar stools and benches of the restaurant. All of the items are made entirely of hurricane Felix felled old growth tropical lumber. Each chair weighs in at over 25 pounds; the pieces are made to last and take the repeated abuse a high traffic restaurant requires.

Josef and Anni Albers Foundation

Bethany, CT

Year Built


In 1971, Josef Albers established a not-for-profit organization to further "the revelation and evocation of vision through art." Today, this organization—The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation—is devoted to preserving and promoting the enduring achievements of both Josef and Anni Albers, and the aesthetic and philosophical principles by which they lived. It serves as a unique center for the understanding and appreciation of the arts and of all visual experience—with the combined legacies of Josef and Anni Albers at its heart.

During Poritz’s two-month residency at the foundation the gallery commissioned the design of a stacking stool to be used for events. The three-legged stacking stool was manufactured in Nicaragua, with three hundred year old tropical hard wood.