Josef and Anni Albers Foundation

In 1971, Josef Albers established a not-for-profit organization to further "the revelation and evocation of vision through art." Today, this organization—The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation—is devoted to preserving and promoting the enduring achievements of both Josef and Anni Albers, and the aesthetic and philosophical principles by which they lived. It serves as a unique center for the understanding and appreciation of the arts and of all visual experience—with the combined legacies of Josef and Anni Albers at its heart.

During Poritz’s two-month residency at the foundation the gallery commissioned the design of a stacking stool to be used for events. The three-legged stacking stool was manufactured in Nicaragua, with three hundred year old tropical hard wood. 


Jason McCoy Gallery

Jason McCoy Inc is a contemporary art gallery established in 1982. The gallery represents an international group of contemporary artists in painting, drawing, photography, video, sculpture, and installation. Since 1989, the gallery has been located in the Fuller Building in Midtown, New York. The gallery is a member of the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA).

Poritz in collaboration with Nika Taubinsky, was asked to participate in DOMESTICITY, an installation curated by Stephanie Buhmann and Samantha McCoy. The exhibition presents a modern and contemporary selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs, while embracing objects that involve weaving, glass, furniture design, and wallpaper