Custom furniture made to last a lifetime  


Lets meet and talk about what you’re in the market for! You can tell me what you are looking for in a piece of furniture and what styles you are drawn to. We can discuss materials, colors and finishes as well as the size and scale of your future custom piece.


Now that I have a good idea for what you are looking for I will start to put our ideas into three dimensions. The design process begins with hand sketches and evolves into a fully detailed three dimensional computer model. Throughout the process I send progress drawings and images that we go over and refine. After two to three rounds we will arrive at a custom piece of furniture that is ready to be made.


After you have signed off on the final design I will draw shop drawings that explain the special detail connections and information needed for fabrication. I review the shop drawings with one of my master craftsman and order the material. Once the piece is under construction you can come for a shop visit to see the process and learn more about how your piece is made the special attention that goes into every detail.